Larger organizations tend to have larger needs. That is why we have dedicated IT teams and even outsourced IT departments to tackle any need, regardless of size. Whether we send a team to your office on a project basis, or we become your IT department, we will help your business. Regardless of the project, our rigorous adherence to good science and common-sense in a consistent 8 step process ensures efficiency, value, and optimal results for our clients.
1. Information Gathering
Meet with IT stakeholders
Collect documentation
Interview users
2. On-site Inspection
Verify accuracy of existing documentation
Inspect and document IT infrastructure
Perform testing and benchmarks
3. Planning
Identify critical issues
Determine short and long term objectives
Set scope, budget, manpower, timelines, etc.
4. Investigation and Research
Look at best practices within industry
Select key technologies
Understand integration issues

5. Implementation
Develop detailed implementation plan
Receive client approval
6. Training and Knowledge Transfer
Prepare user documentation
Prepare system administrator documentation
Deliver training
7. Post Implementation Review
Verify critical issues have all been resolved
Verify short term objectives have been met
Verify client is “on target” for long term objectives
8. Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Deal with day-to-day support issues
Document ongoing issues and challenges
Setup a structured maintenance and upgrade program